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Hiring Custom Concrete Specialists

When it comes to custom concrete installations, it is best to hire trained and experienced contractors that are able to manage concrete in its various stages – from application to the finished product. Qualified concrete specialists can design intricate plans with their expert industry knowledge, thus enabling homeowners to achieve their ideal custom features in their properties.

We can create personalized designs for your outdoor features and amenities by using our expertise, skill, and learned techniques to achieve the best results. We create uniquely designed plans and ensure that they are functional and structurally sound to suit our client’s project requirements. Our company has handled both residential and commercial concreting projects in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Call Landscapes West today at (858) 278-0308 and let us install, build, and customize concrete driveways, patios, walkways, decks, courtyards, sidewalks, and other outdoor concrete amenities for you.

Outstanding Concrete Finishes

Our dedicated team of concrete specialists can complete any task quickly and efficiently. We are attentive to detail and use special tools when working on certain concrete installation projects. Whether it is a small residential home or a large business complex, we continuously deliver the highest-quality service and installation to our clients.

We understand that the beauty of your concrete amenity or feature largely depends on the finishing methods used. Here are some of the different finishing methods or techniques we use when working on custom concrete projects:

  • Acid Wash/Top Cast. Acid wash uses muriatic acid to create beautiful Sanded finishes to the finish product by removing the "cream" that rises to the surface after applying the final trowel finish.
    Top Cast is a commercial product with a numbering system. The higher the number the more of the "creme" will be removed from the surface, exposing more of the sand granules used in the concrete mix.
  • Broom finish. The concrete surface is brushed to create a durable, slip-resistant and high-traction surface. An ordinary broom or a specialized tool is used for this finishing method.
  • Concrete stamping. It is a concrete finishing technique that will try to mimic the look of other materials, such as stone, brick, flagstones, tiles, slate, wood, and other patterns.
  • Exposed aggregate. The exposed finish is achieved by stripping away the concrete's top layer, which exposes the edges of the stone aggregates that are blended in the concrete. The exposed aggregate creates a smooth and slip-resistant finish.
  • Sandblast finish. A finishing method that exposes the amount of existing aggregate in the concrete by blasting the cement skin with proper blasting equipment.

Long-lasting Concrete Structures

Getting a concrete specialist to take care of all your structural additions is vital to achieving outstanding results. Our professionally trained concrete specialists make custom concrete structures that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and long-lasting. They also have a deep understanding of the complexity of the tasks and techniques involved in concrete construction, which is essential to prevent problems and safety risks.

Certainly, we adhere to industry standards and offer support during and after the completed work. We always try to meet our clients’ expectations by getting our products from the most reliable and reputable material suppliers in the state. From aggregates to staining solutions/products, you are assured that they are top-quality.

So if you are looking to install hard-wearing concrete structures, we are the right people to handle the installation job. Talk to us now and let us improve your property’s functionality and beauty with custom concrete amenities.

Landscapes West has spent the last 30 years prefecting many different colored concrete finishes. From a simple broom finish to stamped patterns, exposed aggregate, acid wash, and sand blast finishes, Landscapes West can provide the "look" you are striving for.

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Standard Colors

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Standard Colors
0.75 LB 5237
Standard Colors
0.5 LB 160
Standard Colors
Santa Fe
0.75 LB 1117
Standard Colors
1 LB 6058
Standard Colors
Rustic Brown
2 LBS 6058
Standard Colors
0.5 LB 641
Standard Colors
0.5 LB 6058
Standard Colors
0.5 LB 677
Standard Colors
Sequoia Sand
1 LB 641
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Standard ColorsStandard ColorsStandard ColorsStandard ColorsStandard ColorsStandard ColorsStandard ColorsStandard Colors
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