Speciman Olive Trees

Your home is your haven and you take great care to decorate it well and ensure that every space is beautiful and functional. Apart from that, you also ensure that there are various unique elements in the landscape that will add to the beauty of your home. It’s why you add water features, decorative urns and boulders and other features like fireplaces and fire pits etc.

We at Landscapes West are expert landscapers and have built a very solid customer base in and around San Diego, Fairbanks Ranch, Carlsbad, Encinitas and Del Mar. We also have a number of customers across Solana Beach, Del Mar Highlands and Carmel Valley. Over the years, we have handled a large number of projects and have focused on providing landscaping services that will be in line with the needs of our clients’ preferences and budget.

Many of our clients ask us to create unique spaces for them and tell us that they want features and plantings that will set their landscape apart from the others in the neighborhood. A landscape is always combination of various things; and plants, shrubs and annual trees are a very important part of it. It’s why we suggest that our clients opt to get specimen olive trees installed on their property.

What Are Specimen Plants?

  • These plants are typically grown by themselves, either in a garden/lawn and they are largely there for ornamental effect; and will rarely be bunched with edging plants, hedge plants or bedding plants.
  • In most instances, these specimen fruit trees become the focal points in a landscaping. In Latin, the word ‘spec’ essentially means- ‘to look at’.
  • This means, a specimen plant is one that’s singled-out in a landscape; its structure and shape are unique and that makes it a ‘center-stage’ piece in your yard.
  • Landscapers have different definitions about what a specimen tree is; some believe that trees that are exceptionally beautiful can be called specimen trees, while others believe that trees that have reached a specific height are called specimen trees.
  • We are able to create a very stunning effect along your driveway or entryway, by adding these trees in a straight line.
  • In fact, we have also created groves around outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces, using these trees.
  • Since the trees we acquire, have an oak-like form, they can easily grow up to 35 feet high and they also perform well in different climates. Since these trees have a very unique root system, it’s possible to successfully transplant them.

The trees require full irrigation in the first year after they have been transplanted; however, they are still hardy enough to survive extended dry periods and intense heat as well. Typically the olive specimen tree will grow very lush when you plant it in very rich soil; however, it can also flourish in rocky and alkaline environments with very little/no fertilizer.

Landscapes West can cater to all your landscape and architectural needs. We can design and install unique and attractive personal sanctuaries, secret havens and personal getaways right on your property. For comprehensive landscape design and construction solutions, call us at this number- 619-542-9125. You can also send us details of your project via this online form and we will provide you a quote for specimen olive tree cost.

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Speciman Olive Trees
Olea europaea 1
Speciman Olive Trees
Olive tree 2
Speciman Olive Trees
Olive tree 3
Speciman Olive Trees
Olive tree 4
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