At Landscapes West we provide our clients with the following services:
Age-In-Place Construction: at Landscapes West we provide aging-in-place construction services. If you have ‘special needs’ or ‘limited access’ issues then we are the ones who will get your homes in perfect condition for your requirements and make a lot easier for you. Read More >>

Drainage: (under construction)

Our Services Drought Tolerant & Low Water Use Landscapes: we believe in doing our bit for the environment and trying to preserve our precious resources of water. That is why we offer our clients drought tolerant landscape services. This enables you to still have beautiful looking landscapes but one that can sustain itself. Read More >>

Expert Witness Services: (under construction)

Hardscape - BBQ’s, Fireplaces & Rings: one of the best ways to ensure that you can spend more time entertaining in your outdoor space is with the addition of a BBQ and or a fire pit. We believe that you will spend much more time outdoors no matter what the weather is. Read More >>

Our Services Hardscape - Custom Concrete: no matter what type of look you are trying to achieve we have professional custom concrete contractors on staff. With over 30 years of experience we can help you get the finish that you are after. Read More >>

Our Services Hardscape - Pavers & Stone: when it comes to the installation of paver and stone we are the right company for the job. Our team has many years of experience is custom designs and installations of all types of paving stones and masonry materials. Read More >>

Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gate: if you are thinking about building a retaining wall, pillars or gates in your landscape setting then contact the team at Landscapes West today. Our contractors will ensure that you build features that will not only last a lifetime but will also enhance the aesthetics of your property. Read More >>

Our Services Irrigation & Rainwater Harvesting: If you are concerned about the environment as we are and would like to ensure you are only using as much water as you need; then perhaps contact us today about our irrigation and Netafim water conservation. Read More >>

Our Services Landscape Art & Pottery: if you after something unique and different for your landscapes then how about talking to our friendly staff about our range of landscape art pieces and pottery? We will be able to help you select a piece that will complement your property. Read More >>

Our Services Landscape Design: you will be delighted with our range of ‘in-house’ landscape design services. We will customize your landscape setting to suit your needs and desires, while sticking with your budget. Read More >>

Landscape Construction: our range of landscape construction services covers everything from planting trees and shrubs to the construction of a fire pit or retaining wall. No matter how large or small your project may don’t hesitate to give us a call today! Read More >>

Landscape Maintenance: (under construction)

Landscape Plants & Charts: (under construction)

Lighting: at Landscapes West we provide the design and installation of low voltage lighting for your outdoor space and features. You may want to highlight your swimming pool or water feature or maybe just have some safety lighting around the property? Read More >>

Pools & Water Features: there is no doubt that the addition of any type of water feature or pool will add so much appeal to your property. You will enjoy the relaxing effects of the sights and sounds of water flowing throughout your landscape, or just a single accent point to highlight your water feature. Read More >>

Pool Demolition: (under construction)

Urban Forest Management Plan: (under construction)

Water Restrictions & Rebate Programs: (under construction)

Wood Construction & Outdoor Rooms: we offer our clients custom wood constructions and outdoor room services. Our team of contractors have all the experience and the expertise to provide you with an outstanding structure that will see you delighted with the end product! Read More >>

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