Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates

Retaining Walls San Diego, CA Landscapes West has been involved with the design and installation of custom walls and gates since the mid 70's.  We work with the best artisans, blacksmiths, and custom wood craftsman in San Diego.  We can coordinate these craftsman to create your next entryway with your own design, or provide the design for them to follow.

When you hire us to build your dream walls, pillars and gates, we can assure you that you’ll get the services of experts at reasonable costs. Just as how we have been doing for decades, we will design and build your needed landscape structures within budget but without compromising quality and beauty.

We can install sturdy, functional, and stylish walls, pillars and gates according to your design ideas and preferences. When we’re done with the project, we can assure you that your property will look stunning from all angles. Call us soon and let’s talk about your ideas for these landscape structures.

Sturdy and Stylish Walls

We always love designing and building various types of walls since we get to show our creativity and skills. Unlike other contractors who build plain-looking, uninspired walls, the ones we install add up to the overall appeal of any landscape. Among the wall types that we can build are:

  • Perimeter walls. We have built numerous perimeter walls that keep intruders out of our clients’ properties. But aside from providing security, the walls we install around our clients’ homes are also pleasing to the eyes, making them truly extraordinary.

  • Retaining walls. Our skilled crews have worked on many properties before and have installed retaining walls that prevent soil erosion while providing much-needed aesthetic lift to outdoor areas. We can create various retaining walls, including gravity, cantilever, piling, and anchored.

  • Sitting walls. Among our favorite structures to build for clients are sitting walls. These landscape amenities not only serve as the perfect spot to sit and relax after a walk around the property, but they also serve as decorative elements of the landscape.

At Landscapes West, we thoroughly discuss the project with our clients before we start building walls, pillars and gates on their properties. We have trusted partner suppliers, such as Anchor and Belgard, so we use only the finest materials in our projects. We are also NCMA certified installer, so our skills are up to standards.

Custom-Built Pillars

We have always maintained that pillars should only be made from the finest materials available and custom designed to client specifications. Since pillars are essentially dignified outdoor structures, it’s imperative that they elude classic appeal matched with sturdy build to last a lifetime. Accordingly, we use only top-quality materials, such as marble, stones, steel, wood, and concrete. We can achieve various designs that clients demand, such as Doric, Tuscan, Corinthian, Ionic, Solomonic, and Composite. Just tell us your desired design, and we’ll follow it when building your dream pillars.

Finely-Crafted Gates

Our skilled crews can build all types of gates, including wood/double wood, wrought iron/double iron, iron and copper, service driveway, and ranch style gates. We can also suggest the perfect type of gate to use for our client’s property. For example, we typically recommend ranch style or wrought iron gates with natural stones for private residences. Moreover, we can build all sizes of gates, depending on our client’s requirements and budget.

We urge you to contact us at (619) 542-9125 to avail of our expert design and build services. We have served so many residents of San Diego, CA and nearby cities, and we can surely serve you, too. Call us soon and let our experienced crews build the best-possible walls, pillars and gates for your property.

ICPI Certified Installer

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Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Buellton Ranch #1
Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Derscham #1
Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Derscham #2
Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Derscham double gate - back
Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Derscham double gate - front
Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Photo 5
Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
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Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
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Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates
Photo 8
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Hardscape - Walls, Pillars & GatesHardscape - Walls, Pillars & Gates

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