Age-in-Place Construction

Age-in-Place Construction San Diego, CA Landscape companies across the region handle various hardscaping and softscaping projects. We at Landscapes West are expert landscapers and have built a very solid customer base in and around San Diego, Fairbanks Ranch, Carlsbad, Encinitas and Del Mar. We also have a number of customers across Solana Beach, Del Mar Highlands and Carmel Valley.

Ours is an expert, credible and experienced company that has been handling a variety of projects including end-to-end construction of gardens and yards, as well as landscape upgrade projects too. While we do tackle these projects in the most expert manner, there are other types of jobs we specialize in. Our age-in-place construction is another very popular service and this includes design and build of:

Swim Therapy & Tubs

Swimming is an excellent exercise and apart from improving cardiovascular strength, it provides the body perfect support while a person gets into shape. One of the main reasons why many people don’t swim is because they don’t always have quick access to a swimming pool. They probably have to drive and get to a good pool where they can go and swim on a regular basis.

Range of Pool and Spa Constructions

We are now working with an expert company named Aquatic Fitness Concepts to bring to you solutions that will give you your own private wellness center. The various solutions we provide are:

  • Pool entry lift
  • Above-ground swim spa
  • In-ground swim spa
  • Swim spa - w/ pool
  • Swim spa – with wooden deck
  • Indoor swim spa

Access Ramp Installations

The other specialized service we provide is construction of "Limited Access - Special Needs" features. Many property owners require elements such as decking, wheelchair access ramps as well as special doorway entrances that blend in with and enhance the appearance of the surrounding landscaping.

Since we are hardscaping experts, we have the expertise, skill, experience as well as the resources to provide solutions that fit in beautifully with your requirements as well as your budget. Regardless of whether you want to build just a simple wheelchair access ramp or want most of the outdoor spaces on your property designed and built, we can provide you the kind of services you require.

You only have to call us with your specific requirements and our experts will discuss all the details about the type of design and materials you want, and the budget you are working on. Keeping this in view, we will then ensure that your work gets carried out in a meticulous manner.

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