Rainwater Harvesting

Most counties around San Diego tend to have very little rainfall and the collection of that rainwater is also quite limited; a large percentage of the drinking water gets delivered via pumps and aqueducts. In addition to this, most properties sport very large backyard swimming pools and expansive lawn spaces too. These factors compound the water scarcity problem. This is where rainwater harvesting comes into the picture.

We at Landscapes West are expert landscapers and have built a very solid customer base in and around San Diego, Fairbanks Ranch, Carlsbad, Encinitas and Del Mar. We also have a number of customers across Solana Beach, Del Mar Highlands and Carmel Valley. We provide customized water harvesting solutions. These can help solve at least a part of our irrigation requirements; this is done via rainwater collection & storage.

In addition to this, grey water/drain water and can also be used for irrigation and helps reduce regular water consumption for landscaping needs. These concepts are becoming quite popular across the region, for landscape and garden irrigation.

How Water Harvesting Takes Place

  • Roof rainwater collection-The different methods that could be used to collect water are:
    • Over the year, it’s possible to collect quite a large quantity of water that runs off the roofing of your home.
    • In fact, in some areas, the dew that collects on the roof is also diverted towards rainwater harvesting storage. This water can be stored and used for irrigation; and it’s especially useful in the droughts that are experienced in late summer.
    • Using gutters & downspouts to divert water towards large tanks, barrels, or even landscape collection basins are the most common ways of collecting rainwater.
    • The cleanest water is collected from metal roofing

  • Rain collection barrels- 50-200 gallons capacity water collection barrels can be acquired quite easily and fitted on your property. You would have to install a larger number of these for the water collection to be significant enough.

  • Large Tanks- These are a much better option for collecting rainwater and these are able to hold much more water that can be used when the weather is drier.

  • Landscape design- This is one of the best ways to collect rainwater that can be used for irrigation. The garden design should include swales where water can collect. Other than that, deep trenches can also be dug and small sized wells can also be filled with gravel. This helps the rainwater to permeate into the soil and it can stay stored there for a longer period of time. The property can be graded in such a manner that the water gets channeled towards the site (the storage spaces), instead of the main drainage system. You can also plant some drought-resistant plants as these will help conserve water.

We can design and install unique and attractive personal sanctuaries, secret havens and personal getaways right on your property. For comprehensive landscape design and construction solutions, call us at this number- 619-542-9125. You can also send us details of your project via this online form. We will call you back within the shortest possible time.

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Rainwater Harvesting
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Rainwater Harvesting
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